Here is a similar product that you can hook up to your hose to spray. I am very sorry that they think that your tree cannot be saved. If your trees are part of an organic program, lime sulfur is safe to use. It’s good that you got a diagnosis, but many things can cause gummosis: diseases, insect infestations, environmental stress, mechanical injury, herbicide damage, winter damage. You can see this pattern in the form of bands of lighter and darker colored tissue. Avoid pruning in summer when wounds are more vulnerable to infection. Helga then returned to Cornell to obtain a PhD, studying one of the model systems of plant defense. I wonder about winter damage, too. The earliest indications of fungal gummosis of peach are the little places on brand-new bark that exude material. The most common cause of gummosis is a fungus originally called Cytospora that is now called Leucostoma. Around 30% of my peach tree leaves started curling with bulges, some yellow leaves, and of course sap leaking from the stems. Last year I planted bare root North Star cherry. The drastic pruning is only if your tree is infected with the fungal canker. Please advise on “spray with copper,” not sure what you mean by that. Aliette). The fungus will continue to live on the dead tissue and will keep producing spores to infect other trees. Aggressive pruning is designed to control the fungi that cause cankers, but it doesn’t look like your tree is infected with them. Please see photos attached of my cherry, peach and nectarine. You don’t need to remove the tree unless it dies. My prunus also appears to have gummosis, and what I haven’t found addressed anywhere is how to deal with it on a tree that is very very young — no more than 1/4 inch caliper, planted just last fall. Mummified fruit is a favored location for many diseases to overwinter. It requires both a wound and a tree that is stressed. That is definitely gummosis, but it can have a large number of causes. This fungus is opportunistic. Gummosis disease is caused when the peach tree takes up too much water. Hi Vijay, I’m so sorry about your tree. You said you were spraying Burgundy. Another option is your county extension agent. Other causes can include insect damage, mechanical damage, certain viruses, winter damage, adverse growing sites, and herbicide damage. One candidate is root rot caused by Phytophthora. By the end of the summer, it will have become almost rock-hard. There may not be a lot that you can do after the fact. They range from fungal infections and infestation by borers to herbicide damage, mechanical injury, and various environmental stresses. Do you think I can still save him!? Healthy trees can survive this infection, so provide your peach trees with the water and nutrients they need and take steps to prevent the spread of the fungus to prevent and manage infection. I couldn’t possibly remove much without killing the tree entirely. It is your tree’s cry for help. Dear Doris, Think excessive. I can’t tell from the picture. However, many things can cause gummosis, and not all of them are contagious – damage from mowers or weed-whackers, herbicide damage, cold damage, and environmental stresses come to mind. The plants look so healthy otherwise! We are still answering questions. Insect infestations are other reasons. Is this gummosis? I am wondering if I can try and build the tree health to help.. This is called gummosis. Thank you! Too much water on the trunk can cause damage that results in gummosis. It looks like it could be a response to a heavy application of fertilizer. Prune out the infected areas as soon as you can to prevent further spread. Hi, my peaches are all oozing a clear hard substance. Over time the fungus on these spots kills tree tissue, resulting in a sunken area. I am highly curious and would love to hear back from you… Read more », Hi Helga, I would like to start by thanking you for helping so many people with their problems. Use good hygiene methods to prevent the spread of the fungus and provide plenty of water and nutrients to prevent affected trees from being stressed. These are usually found around the tree’s lenticels.
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